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March 23, 2011 – Understanding the struggles businesses face, TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS®) is introduces a new communications solution in several Wisconsin and Tennessee communities:

  • Wisconsin—Elkhorn, Bohners Lake, Wheatland, Mosinee
  • Tennessee—Tellico Plains, Waynesboro, Parsons

Known as managedIP, this hosted Internet Protocol (IP) communications solution integrates voice and data as a single communications solution. Unlike many voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services, TDS managedIP never uses the public Internet. The TDS solution is delivered over a private, secure, and dedicated network “hosted” at a secure TDS facility, according to Bill Schmitt, market manager for TDS.

Already available in parts of Wisconsin and Tennessee, TDS managedIP provides businesses with improved productivity and greater efficiencies.

“Plus, it comes without the upfront costs or capital expenses of traditional phone systems,” says Schmitt. “I’m proud we are able to bring this product to businesses in more communities, especially in this economy when many businesses are waiting for glimpses of economic recovery to become sustained forward momentum. There’s no reason to wait to upgrade your communications system any longer.”

Just ask the radio station in Farragut. They made the switch to TDS’ managedIP service and have discovered they are more available to customers, which means more sales. Or ask the insurance agency with offices in four Wisconsin cities. After making the switch to TDS’ managedIP, they eliminated long distance toll charges to simply call their own offices—saving a few hundred dollars a month.

OK, you’re thinking, “Really, my phone system?”

Yes, but not any phone system. TDS says its IP-based communications system integrates voice and data as a single communications solution. The true benefit, the company says, is that businesses can focus on their business while TDS manages, protects, and upgrades the communications system—at no additional cost.

TDS’ managedIP system offers businesses many real-time benefits, including:

  • No upfront capital expense. Only pay for services needed. No need to worry about equipment becoming obsolete.
  • Advanced call routing features ensure customers never get a busy signal, employee productivity improves, and revenues increase because all calls get through the first time.
  • A single phone number for employees to give to clients, while still maintaining the ability to manage incoming calls. One phone number can be set to ring through to multiple phones (office, cell, and home) simultaneously.
  • User friendly administration that offers flexibility to quickly and easily adjust to staffing changes or when employees simply switch work stations; saves both time and money.

Installation of the TDS 10-Gigabit transport network makes it possible for the company to expand its IP communications solution to the Neillsville area.

Press Release

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