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March 28, 2022 | TDS Telecommunications, LLC (TDS®) is announcing the completion of a recent large fiber expansion in Middleton, Wisconsin. Over the last three years the Madison, Wisconsin-headquartered company finished 11 fiber-optic network construction projects to add about 3,300 Middleton and nearby Madison addresses to its existing fiber footprint of more than 20,000 addresses. Now thousands more residents have gained up to 1Gig internet connections, and businesses up to 10Gig connections.

“At a time when high-speed data connections are more in demand than ever, we’ve been pushing fiber deeper into our network, even before the pandemic, knowing residents are looking for the best and fastest internet service,” says Senior Vice President of External Affairs, Drew Petersen. “These fiber network expansion projects demonstrate our continued investment in Middleton and we’re pleased to deliver the connections the community needs for business, work, remote learning, and entertainment.”

The builds add more than 22 miles of fiber to TDS’ already expansive Middleton fiber network footprint and now about 20,000 area addresses have access to a 1Gig fiber connection. Middleton was one of the first communities where TDS built a fiber network and offered up to 1Gig speeds, rolling out the service in early 2015.

TDS has been a long-time part of Middleton, serving customers as Mid-Plains Telephone before becoming part of TDS in 2001. The Wisconsin-grown company, which started as a group of small telecoms, now serves customers in 32 states and more than 1,100 communities.

“Although we’ve grown in size, we still nurture our roots through strong community involvement, sponsorships, and donations,” said Petersen. “For example, we’ve been proud to partner with Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM), and also work with the Middleton Chamber of Commerce on our Keeping the Connection business scholarship program to help retain area businesses facing financial difficulties connected to the valuable resources the chamber provides.”

In addition to growing access to a range of symmetrical internet speeds up to 1Gig for residents, the projects have also expanded the availability of TDS’ TV product, TDS TV®+. Business customers included in the expansion footprint can choose dedicated transport connections up to 10Gig via dedicated fiber and TDS managedIP, a hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) communications solution. TDS TV® is also available to business customers in the fiber footprint.

Press Release

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