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September 14, 2022 – TDS Telecommunications, LLC (TDS®) is announcing the completion of a fiber network expansion project in Pittsboro, expanding access to quality high-speed internet connections to more than 1,350 additional addresses. The fiber-to-the-premises infrastructure grows the availability of up to 1Gig symmetrical internet to homes, and up to 10Gig dedicated connections to businesses.

“We’re excited to  increase the availability of reliable, super-fast connections to an area we’ve been proud to serve for 43 years,” says Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Drew Petersen.

The project included adding more than 25 miles of fiber across the community. While the company finalizes restoration work, the upgraded service is available at all new addresses.

The fiber technology delivers a range of symmetrical internet options for homes, meaning the service has the same download and upload speeds. Businesses in the fiber footprint gain dedicated connections up to 10G. TDS also continues to offer their TV product, TDS TV+ for all customers, as well as phone service including managedIP, a hosted Voice of IP (VoIP) solution for businesses.

The availability of fiber connections remains rare across the country, putting Pittsboro in the minority. A recent Fiber Broadband Association report, stated only about 43% of U.S. households have a fiber-optic network available.

TDS is a leader in fiber deployment and serves customers in 32 states and more than 1,100 communities. Residents can visit or call 1-888-225-5837 for more information.

Press Release

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