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April 3, 2018 — TDS Telecom (TDS®) has kicked off construction of a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network in Mesquite. Construction on the network started in March and will reach at least 2,500 homes this year.

TDS is investing millions with this FTTH project. TDS contractors are now in the process of installing conduit and burying fiber lines in 21 neighborhoods. More than 27 miles of fiber, including new transport fiber, will be installed during this project.

Depending on the number of homes, most neighborhoods can take up to six weeks.

Here’s what customers can expect with TDS’ FTTH project:

  1. A few days before construction starts in your neighborhood, TDS fiber contractors will alert customers via a door hanger with start dates.
  2. After work begins, contractors will run the fiber line from a TDS fiber cabinet into below ground vaults within the neighborhood. This work should take six weeks on average.
  3. Once we have the technology installed and tested, we will begin marketing to residents and taking pre-orders. We will then contact customers once we are ready to start scheduling installations. At install, TDS contractors will return to connect the fiber line to homes, and set up the equipment. Speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps/Gig) will be available.

“TDS is thrilled to offer superior internet speeds to Mesquite, said Jim Butman, TDS president and CEO. “TDS has brought fiber-optic technology to multiple communities throughout the country and our customers have found that fiber-to-the-home provides a powerful connection that is noticeably and measurably faster.”

Fiber lines can carry thousands of times more information than conventional cable technology. “Fiber is faster, more reliable and more secure,” said Butman. “With fiber, customers should not notice any slowdowns during peak times of internet usage.”

For more information about this project, go to where customers can sign up to receive updates and get more information.

Mesquite FTTH neighborhoods include: Falcon Crest, Hawk Ridge, Saint Andrews, Sunset Greens and Sierra Ridge; Coyote Willows and River Bend; Desert Rose and Calistoga Ranch; Spanish Bay, Tuscans, Fox Hollow and Portobello; Stone Haven, Cambria and Desert Ridge; Turtleback Canyon and Palm Cove; and The Masters, SpyGlass Hill and Sorrento.

Press Release

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