How extensively Americans will cut the video cord remains to be seen. But the concept is beginning to have serious appeal—and at the front of the pack are iPad owners, a new report from TDG Research  reveals. Just over 33% of iPad owners surveyed said they were likely to cancel their PayTV service in the next six months, including 13% who said they were “highly likely” to do so.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that iPad owners are especially interested in cord cutting, considering that iPads have access, not only to on-line video but also to Netflix content, with more content being added frequently. The research suggests, however, that video cord cutting may not be motivated primarily by a desire to save costs, as anyone who can afford to shell out $499 to $829 for an iPad probably isn’t strapped for cash.  

Recognizing this, TDG researchers suggested that over-the-top video providers may be overemphasizing cost savings in their marketing messages. “Many new video purveyors such as ivi.TV and Sezmi are looking to rapidly achieve mainstream status by casting the widest net possible with little in the way of targeting, outside of general ‘bad times’ messaging,” said TDG in an announcement about the new report, titled Benchmarking the Connected Consumer. “It is TDG’s belief that it may be more lucrative to focus on specific user groups who are more inclined toward anti-incumbent behavior, a descriptor that certainly applies to iPad owners.”

Although iPad users expressed the greatest likelihood of video cord cutting, nearly 10% of adult broadband users in the TDG study said they were likely to cancel their PayTV service in the next six months, including 4.3% who said they were “highly likely” to cancel service.

Those numbers are a bit higher than what was reported in a similar study released less than a year ago. In February, a study released by Parks Associates found that 8% of households were considering choosing OTT video services over traditional pay TV.  

And considering all the new options that consumers soon will have for watching OTT video on their television screen,  the appeal of video cord cutting will likely see an even greater interest level by the time the next survey comes out.

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