Over half of consumers with a connected TV have increased their viewing of over-the-top (OTT) broadband TV in the last year,  with 24% reporting a “sizeable increase,” according to new market research from TDG (The Diffusion Group). OTT viewing for one-third (33.7%) stayed the same.

Just 8% of connected TV users reported viewing less OTT TV over the last year, “meaning net-connected TV users are six times more likely to have increased their use of the medium than to have decreased it,” according to a TDG press release.

“That consumers are watching more over-the-top video is not itself surprising,” notes Michael Greeson, co-founder of TDG. “But to see such a widespread increase in OTT TV viewing is dramatic, especially as pay-TV subscriptions in the US are experiencing their greatest 12-month losses to date.”

Similar findings from a Bain & Co. study were released yesterday. Nearly 70% online video streaming service subscribers in developed markets reported watching more video content today than they did three years ago, according to Bain & Co.’s “The Age of Curation: From Abundance to Discovery.”

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