Libraries TV White Space Project Wins $250,000 Grant

Oct. 19, 2016 – San Jose, CA – San Jose State University’s School of Information (iSchool) in partnership with the Giga- bit Libraries Network (GLN) announced today they have been awarded a National Leadership Grant of nearly $250,000 from the Institute of Museum and Library...Learn More

Rural Operators Could Find Opportunity in CBRS Auction Plans Adopted by FCC

Rural operators could find it easier to obtain spectrum licenses in the citizens broadband radio service (CBRS) band as the result of CBRS auction plans adopted by the FCC at today’s monthly commission meeting. Previously the FCC had said it would only issue licenses where...Learn More

FCC Expands TV White Spaces Spectrum

Wireless Internet service providers that use TV white spaces technology to provide broadband service to rural areas should be able to operate in some additional spectrum bands as the result of FCC action yesterday – although the WISPs also are likely to lose some current...Learn More

Could Wireless Data and TV Broadcasts Share the Same Channels?

As mobile data usage continues to skyrocket and as the amount of unused spectrum that is ideally suited for fixed and mobile wireless service dwindles, the telecom industry will need to find new ways of maximizing existing resources. With that in mind, there is some...Learn More

Trial to Study TV White Spaces for Disaster Planning

Gigabit Libraries Network and Chief Officers of State Library Agencies plan to explore the use of portable TV white spaces broadband equipment in community disaster planning. “The reality is that after a catastrophic event, the public communications infrastructure WILL be down for 2 – 5...Learn More

FCC Aims to Maximize Unlicensed Use of TV Spectrum Post Auction

The FCC today took action aimed at maximizing unlicensed use of TV white spaces spectrum after the incentive auction of TV broadcast spectrum in the 600 MHz band is completed. The action took the form of two notices of proposed rulemaking in which the commission...Learn More

When Will We Need New TV White Spaces Standard?

A new IEEE standard designated 802.19.1 aims to fix what for now is a minor flaw in TV white spaces broadband technology, but which could become more problematic in the future as the technology is more widely deployed. When technologists figured out how to use...Learn More

Rice University: UHF Wireless Data Can Go Fast and Far

Researchers from Rice University’s Wireless Network Group have developed a wireless means of sending lots of data fast and far using a multi-user, multi-antenna transmission system over UHF frequency bands typically used for television broadcasts. Leveraging several different technologies that are widely used for wireless...Learn More

Microsoft: Africa TV White Spaces Broadband Network is World’s Largest

Microsoft and Adaptrum have partnered with MyDigitalBridge Foundation to conduct a trial of a TV white spaces broadband network in Namibia which according to an announcement released today is the world’s largest TVWS deployment measured by geography. The network is intended as a blueprint for...Learn More

Super WiFi Standard Progresses, Despite Spectrum Uncertainty

The standards body that has created several WiFi standards has published the standard for a new form of WiFi that would operate in vacant TV broadcast spectrum known as TV white spaces. Equipment supporting the IEEE standard, designated 802.11af-2013, can cover four times the area...Learn More

Startup ASA Networks is Bullish on TV White Spaces Broadband

New York City-based startup company ASA Networks sees great potential for TV white spaces technology. The wireless Internet service provider is currently trialing the technology in Gallatin, a rural area in upstate New York, and plans to expand service to other communities in the future....Learn More

The Evolution of the Telecom Bundle: The New Double Play?

The success of the triple play bundle is undeniable. Combining voice, video, and broadband onto a single ‘pipe’ into the home and on a single bill created great value to consumers and helped drive ARPU growth for service providers. The telco and cable industries have...Learn More

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