Super WiFi Standard Progresses, Despite Spectrum Uncertainty

The standards body that has created several WiFi standards has published the standard for a new form of WiFi that would operate in vacant TV broadcast spectrum known as TV white spaces. Equipment supporting the IEEE standard, designated 802.11af-2013, can cover four times the area...Learn More

Gigabit Libraries Network to Trial TV White Spaces

The Gigabit Libraries Network is looking for at least half a dozen rural libraries to participate in a trial of WiFi hotspots that use TV white spaces for Internet connectivity. The GLN aims to announce participating pilot projects at the Super Wi-Fi Summit in Las...Learn More

Defending Super Wi-Fi

When the FCC last year got the ball rolling on a voluntary incentive auction of television broadcast spectrum, comments made by various commissioners suggested that one of the most difficult issues to resolve would be how much spectrum to make available for unlicensed use. And...Learn More

Researchers Offer Creative Idea for Maximizing Use of TV White Spaces

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley have come up with an innovative idea for maximizing the use of TV white spaces spectrum for mobile broadband. In a post on the Google policy blog, the researchers argue that users of white spaces spectrum should be...Learn More

FCC Offers White Spaces Update

An advisory council to President Obama is likely to recommend further exploration of using spectrum currently in government hands for spectrum sharing, FCC officials said at today’s monthly commission meeting. Among spectrum bands under consideration by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology...Learn More

AIR.U Targets Rural Broadband Using TV White Spaces

Broadband wireless communications based on TV white spaces technology should get a boost from an initiative announced today by a consortium of higher education associations, public interest groups and high-tech companies. The initiative, dubbed AIR.U, aims to bring high-speed broadband connectivity to university communities in...Learn More

Despite Uncertainty, Wireless ISPs Plan to Use TV White Spaces

Some broadband wireless Internet service providers are gearing up to deploy point-to-multipoint service in TV white spaces spectrum, despite regulatory uncertainty about the long-term plan for the spectrum. “The FCC declared it as unlicensed for the time being and equipment manufacturers should ship the first...Learn More

U.K. White Spaces Trial Offers Disappointing Speeds—But It’s not True WRAN

A BT trial of wireless communications using TV white spaces in the U.K. is yielding slower data rates than expected, according to U.K. media reports. “At present BT’s implementation claims to be offering speeds of up to 10 Mbps per channel… but this reduces down...Learn More

Spectrum Bridge CTO: Spectrum Legislation Won’t Hamper White Spaces Initiatives

When Congress last month passed and President Obama signed legislation paving the way for a voluntary incentive auction of broadcast spectrum, it appeared to be a cause for concern for companies who currently use or are planning to use some of that same spectrum on...Learn More

Not So Fast Super Wi-Fi

White spaces broadband uses the wireless airwaves ‘between’ television channels that are now available for other uses, thanks to the transition to digital TV. The first deployment of broadband technology using TV white spaces occurred just last week in Wilmington, N.C. But white spaces broadband...Learn More

Spectrum Bridge Gains Final FCC Approval, White Spaces Broadband Era to Begin

Spectrum Bridge today gained final approval from the FCC to operate its TV white spaces database system beginning January 26.  The initial white spaces broadband market is Wilmington, NC. In a recent interview, Spectrum Bridge CTO Peter Stanforth said the first products capable of providing...Learn More

SpectrumBridge: White Spaces Broadband Passes Critical Test, Closer to Reality

Spectrum Bridge, the company that pioneered the use of a database to free up unused white spaces spectrum, has completed a field trial of the database and has requested that the FCC certify the solution. “The 45-day trial started on September 19 and was successfully...Learn More

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