Understanding the FCC Approach to ICC Reform

Twelve days after the FCC voted to adopt an order to transition today’s voice-focused Universal Service plan to focus instead on broadband, the order has not yet been released to the public. While stakeholders contemplate what’s up with that, we thought we’d take the opportunity...Learn More

It’s Official: FCC Adopts Universal Service Reforms

After months of industry debate, the FCC today voted unanimously to transition today’s high-cost Universal Service fund into a Connect America Fund with the goal of making broadband available throughout the U.S. by the end of the decade. Encompassed in those reforms is a plan...Learn More

How Some VOIP and Other Carriers Avoid Access…

… and what small telcos want to do about it. The term “phantom traffic” is sometimes used as a catch-all phrase to describe the situation in which a local telco is unable to correctly bill for traffic that it terminates to its end user subscribers....Learn More

Access Avoidance Hurts Small Telco Revenues, Threatens PSTN

Telco revenue challenges are not all about losing lines to VOIP, cable companies and wireless. Increasingly, the telcos also lose when the people who place calls to their customers are using one of these non-traditional methods. This is a particular concern to small, often rural...Learn More

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