Senate Net Neutrality Resolution Would Put Rules Back in Place

Broadband providers could again be prevented from blocking or throttling certain content or offering paid prioritization if Democrats in Congress prevail in passing a Net Neutrality resolution. A Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution introduced in the Senate by Sen. Ed Markey (D- Mass.) would rescind...Learn More

Brief Outlines Arguments Against Broadband Reclassification

A July 30th brief filed by several U.S. telcos and telecom organizations with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia summarizes the arguments that the parties will use in attempting to overturn the FCC’s decision to reclassify broadband as a Title II...Learn More

AT&T/DirecTV Approval Expected to Include Broadband Deployment Condition

AT&T may be required to commit to deploying higher-speed broadband to more rural customers and to offering stand-alone broadband as a condition of its acquisition of DirecTV, which could receive Justice and FCC approvals as soon as next week, according to news reports. According to...Learn More

Net Neutrality Survey Finds Fast Lane Support

Asserting that “Net Neutrality is dead,” an annual LTE survey conducted by Israeli mobile Internet optimization and monetization company Flash Networks at the most recent LTE World Summit found that 69 percent of operators and 74 percent of subscriber respondents believe that “mobile operators should...Learn More

Google Fiber’s ISP Shame Game Continues with Focus on Google Interconnection and Peering

Ever since Google announced their move into the ISP and TV business with Google Fiber, their intentions have been well debated. Was Google seriously trying to become a regional (or maybe national) ISP? Or were they pushing an agenda with their 1 Gbps service for...Learn More

Will Appeals Court Overturn “Network Neutrality” Rules?

A U.S. Court of Appeals finally will hear a Verizon challenge to Federal Communications Commission network neutrality rules. How the court rules could lead to big changes for the broadband access business. Specifically, if the court sustains the network neutrality rules, it is possible the...Learn More

Level 3 Signs First Peering Agreement Under New Policy

It’s been two years since Level 3 and Comcast got into a tussle over Internet traffic exchange — and the matter still has not been resolved. But Level 3 today gained an endorsement of sorts for its peering policy from TW Telecom, which has reached...Learn More

FCC: On Average, DSL Providers Deliver 82 Percent of Advertised Speeds, Cable 93 Percent and FTTH 114 Percent

After talking numerous times last year about how service providers don’t deliver advertised broadband speeds, the FCC today reversed that position, issuing new data which shows that, by and large, service providers are delivering advertised speeds—and a few providers consistently exceed advertised speeds, even at...Learn More

Broadband Heavyweights Form Network Neutrality Advisory Group

AT&T, Cisco, Comcast, DISH, EchoStar, Google, Intel, Level 3, Microsoft, Time Warner and Verizon have banded together to form a voluntary broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (TAG) whose mission is to “bring together engineers and other similar technical experts to develop consensus on broadband network...Learn More

Bandwidth Metering: The Proverbial Writing on the Wall?

Seems like a week doesn’t go by without a new announcement of bandwidth metering (the politically correct term is network management) these days. The newest service provider to join the bandwidth metering parade is Charter. Charter’s bandwidth metering announcement was joined by Time Warner Cable,...Learn More

Cox Joins Bandwidth Management Movement

Seems like the in thing to do these days. Cox has announced they will implement a “Cox Congestion Management” trial for their broadband networks in Arkansas and Kansas market. Cox joins Comcast, AT&T, and Time Warner, among others, with some form of bandwidth management system...Learn More

FCC Questions Comcast Treatment of VoIP Competitors

Safe to say that Comcast won’t be inviting anyone from the FCC over for dinner. The two have been squaring off over the past year or so over a variety of Comcast policies. The most recent involves Comcast’s treatment of competing VoIP services over their...Learn More

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