Sprint Sues Cable Companies Over VoIP

Boy what a difference a few months make. Until very recently, Sprint, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Cox were all business partners, hoping to be in wireless bliss together. Now all of those cable companies have abandoned Sprint (and Clearwire) for Verizon Wireless, striking an...Learn More

Verizon Ordered to Cease and Desist FiOS TV Service

U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia Raymond A. Jackson on November 23 issued an injunction ordering Verizon Communications to “cease and desist” using intellectual property which focuses on VOD, belonging to ActiveVideo Networks. The cease and desist order takes effect on...Learn More

Sprint Now Suing to Stop AT&T-Mobile Deal Too

Sprint has never been shy about their feelings regarding the AT&T-Mobile deal – they hate it. They feel the most threatened, should a combined AT&T-Mobile deal happen – so much so, they just filed suit to stop it. Feeling buoyed by the DOJ who did...Learn More

SDN Communications and Starbucks in Legal Stare Down

SDN Communications, a South Dakota based regional fiber network, takes its name and accompanying intellectual property rights very seriously. So much so, they are taking on the global brand Starbucks over Starbucks’ use of the acronym SDN. The SDN Communications name legacy comes from South...Learn More

Not So Fast Google Says Frontier, Suing Over Google Voice

Google has a knack for irritating traditional telephone companies, especially with Google Voice (GV). They first irked AT&T, who raised a net neutrality and common carrier argument with the FCC over Google Voice back in 2009. Those actions, along with others, prompted the FCC to...Learn More

ActiveVideo Sues Verizon, Citing Patent Infringements for FiOS

ActiveVideo Networks, provider of a cloud-based platform for video service delivery, has filed a suit against Verizon, alleging that Verizon’s FiOS service infringes on ActiveVideo patents. ActiveVideo’s platform enables interactive navigational, social media, commerce and gaming applications such as intuitive search and recommendations or the...Learn More

AT&T Slow DSL Leads to $100 Million Lawsuit Settlement

Hey broadband carriers – be careful about your network not delivering on promised performance. That predicament may cost AT&T $100 million. AT&T has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit up to that amount launched by an Ohio lawyer over poor DSL performance. The suit...Learn More

CenturyLink and Cox Battle in Court over Broadband

The telecom competitive landscape has produced many a lawsuit between competitors, often times citing unfair or inaccurate advertising. The latest example occurs in Las Vegas between Cox and CenturyLink. Las Vegas is a former Embarq territory, but is now CenturyLink, thanks to the CenturyTel –Embarq...Learn More

Syringa Networks Sues Idaho over Qwest Contract

In the competitive world of telecom, when all else fails, sue. That’s one way of looking at Syringa Networks approach to a dispute with the state of Idaho over an education network being built statewide there. Syringa Networks, a Boise, Idaho based regional fiber network,...Learn More

Clearwire Facing Potential Class Action Lawsuit

Clearwire is facing a potential class action lawsuit from a group of subscribers who are voicing concern about ‘slow and unreliable’ service. The lawsuit claims that Clearwire does not live up to its advertising of “… a fast, reliable ‘always-on’ alternative to cable or DSL...Learn More

Cox Prevails Over Verizon VoIP Patent Suit

A Virginia court ruled in Cox’s favor over Verizon in a patent dispute over VoIP technology. Verizon was hoping to repeat a VoIP patent victory over Vonage, which resulted in a $117 million settlement. No such luck with Cox. “We remain deeply committed to providing...Learn More

Verizon: Not So Fast FCC, Cable

Verizon intends to have the last word on their “winback” marketing tactics. They were recently rebuffed by the FCC and told to stop contacting customers to attempt to win them back after receiving a competitor number porting request. Verizon filed a petition with the U.S....Learn More

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