Google Announces Android TV, Android Auto

Google today announced a range of initiatives involving everything from in-car communications to the television – all of which had one common theme. Google wants to repeat the strategy that it used successfully with its Android mobile operating system. That means making software platforms available...Learn More

Google TV White Spaces Approval Should Raise Technology’s Profile

Google on Friday gained FCC approval to operate a database system to support broadband wireless communications in TV white spaces spectrum. The company isn’t the first to obtain such approval, but its entry into the market should help attract more attention to TV white spaces...Learn More

The Half-life of Web TV Devices

Like most households, ours has a TV routine in which we watch certain programs.  The other day, we wanted to see what else was on and because we have Google TV, we also get the Web and online video on our TV.  Our version of...Learn More

Google Steps Up TV Search

Google announced search enhancements to its Google TV platform today. The new search functionality focuses on voice capabilities and better discovery of movie and TV content through what they are calling PrimeTime. The moves illustrate Google’s further attempts to leverage their core competency of search...Learn More

Google, Apple, Pay TV Gear Up for IPTV Ecosystem Battle

Everything seemed so tidy and settled six months ago.  A growing new conventional wisdom acknowledged that TV is, in fact, clearly moving to Internet protocol, but also, that the titans of pay TV had all but won the day.  Comcast, Time Warner Cable, not to...Learn More

Google Continues March Towards IPTV

Plans continue to trickle out for the Google Fiber network,  which is currently under construction in the Kansas Cities. The latest tidbit of info is a new Google Fiber IP set-top-box, the GFHD100, which showed up at the FCC (first reported by Engadget). The new...Learn More

Is Google Building an IPTV Super Headend?

Google is building a 1 Gbps FTTH network in Kansas City, with service expected to begin sometime later this year. There is growing speculation that Google intends to offer video as a part of a triple play bundle on this network. A report by the...Learn More

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