Report: First Ever Drop in Streaming Video Spending Growth

The streaming video spending growth rate will see its first ever decline between 2015 and 2016, according to Strategy Analytics, which forecasts U.S. consumers will spend $6.62 billion on video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, this year. If realized, the forecast...Learn More

Streaming Vs. DVD: 41% Use Both, Says Nielsen

The average American owns four digital devices and is increasingly using them to keep himself or herself entertained, according to Nielsen. But physical media — including purchased and rented DVDs — still play a key role, the research firm says. Nielsen points out that more...Learn More

Strategy Analytics: OTT Video Revenue Will Surpass DVD Revenue in 2019

The North American market for over-the-top (OTT) video, which includes subscription video-on-demand (VoD) services such as Netlfix and Hulu, will grow 21 percent in 2014, reaching $10.7 billion, according to new market research from Strategy Analytics. Overall, OTT video revenues are expected to nearly double...Learn More

Report: Americans Watch More Paid Video On-Line Than on Physical Media

Americans will watch more movies via the Internet than they will on physical video formats such as DVD and Blu-ray in 2012, marking a milestone in the rise of legal Internet Protocol (IP) and over-the-top (OTT) video consumption, according to a new report from IHS....Learn More

Verizon and Redbox Partner to Take on Netflix

Looks like the rumors were true. Verizon and Redbox announced a joint venture this morning “… that will create a new choice for quality- and value-conscious consumers seeking a simple and affordable way to access the video entertainment they crave.” Coinstar owns Redbox, the popular...Learn More

Physical Media Still Rules for Entertainment Purchases, For Now

US consumers spent 5% more on home entertainment year-over-year in 3Q 2011, the first increase since 1Q 2008, according to the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG). A 52% jump in Blu-ray disc sales and strong gains in electronic sell-through spending (EST) were the main drivers, according...Learn More

Qwikster, We Hardly Knew You

Netflix, long a darling of the burgeoning OTT video market, has made some serious missteps of late. Word today is that Netflix will abandon Qwikster, their DVD-by-mail spin-off, just three weeks after announcing its formation. “It is clear that for many of our members two...Learn More

DISH Hopes to Shake Up Industry With Blockbuster Movie Pass

DBS  provider DISH Network is aiming to seize on Netflix’s recent troubles with the launch of Blockbuster Movie Pass, which they claim is “the first Pay-TV service of its kind.” With the move, DISH is consolidating disc by mail, streaming services, and game discs by...Learn More

Netflix CEO Opens Up & Announces Launch of Qwikster Brand

Netflix is restructuring and rebranding its business into two distinct lines, one for DVD rentals by mail and another for subscription-based online streaming, co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings announced on the Netflix blog Sunday. Neflix’s rent-by-mail service is being renamed and relaunched as an autonomous...Learn More

Netflix Subscriber Anger More Bark Than Bite?

Seventy percent of Netflix dual-service subscribers–those that both stream video OTT and rent DVDs by mail–are disappointed with the company’s recently announced new pricing scheme, according to TDG research. Whereas dual-service subscribers have been paying $9.99 per month to both stream video OTT and rent...Learn More

Netflix Adjusts Pricing, Separates Streaming & DVD-by-Mail Plans

Netflix announced two big changes to its pricing plans: 1) the launch of two DVD-only pricing plans, and 2) the separation of unlimited DVDs by mail and unlimited streaming into two separate plans. Netflix had been offering unlimited streaming plus unlimited DVD rentals, limited to...Learn More

Report: DVD, Blu-ray Not Going Away Anytime Soon

You might think DVDs and Blu-ray discs are rapidly going the way of the dodo given all the attention being grabbed by online digital video streaming and downloading. Not so, according to market research from the NPD Group, which found that consumers watch more movies...Learn More

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