AT&T Flying COW Drone: Funny Name, Serious Mission

An AT&T flying COW drone demonstrated at the carrier’s Bedminster, NJ, facility and in Redmond, WA aims to help speed disaster recovery efforts. While readers may be familiar with using the COW acronym to mean “cellsite on wheels,” this COW is a “cell on wings.”...Learn More

Drones Are Coming and Digital Sky Aims to Seize the Opportunity for the Broadband Industry

Citing an emerging ‘low airspace digitized economy,’ Huawei this week unveiled their Digital Sky initiative during their Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF), taking place this week in London. Drones are taking on an increasing role in the digital economy and the global communications conglomerate sees...Learn More

AT&T Helicopter Drone Flying COWs Bringing Wireless Service to Puerto Rico

An AT&T helicopter drone is supporting wireless service in Puerto Rico, the carrier noted in a blog post today.  The company refers to the helicopter drone as a flying COW (for cell on wings). As we previously reported, Hurricane Maria damaged a large part of...Learn More

Agricultural Drones Could be Bright Spot, Driving Connectivity, Cloud Opportunities

Agricultural drones could conserve up to 90% of water usage for irrigation and reduce chemicals required for crop spraying between 30% and 50%, according to Ipsos Business Consulting. Potential benefits such as these drove investment in agricultural drone technology to increase 344% between 2013 and...Learn More

AT&T Drones Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief

AT&T has dispatched 25 drones to parts of southeast Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The AT&T drones will be used to inspect cell towers that can’t be reached in other ways because of flooding. “Drones can take HD video and photos of a cell site,...Learn More

AT&T Testing Cell Site Drones for Disaster Recovery, Festivals and More

AT&T has been testing the use of drone-mounted radios and antennas to augment its cellular network in the case of a natural or manmade disaster or for certain other use cases, said Art Pregler, AT&T drone project director, in an interview with Telecompetitor. The company...Learn More

Verizon Skyward Acquisition Could Support Rate Plans for Drones

Verizon announced this morning that Verizon Ventures, its venture capital group, has acquired Portland, Oregon-based unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV, aka drone) specialist Skyward for an undisclosed amount. Skyward specializes in  operations management for drones, and the Verizon Skyward acquisition could help Verizon in provisioning...Learn More

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