will be the first carrier in the U.S. to launch Google’s highly anticipated . Android is the open source mobile operating system being developed by and its partners, who together form the . According to the New York Times, the . The phone will be manufactured by HTC, and is often referred to as the “Dream.” Google can’t wait to get Android going because it believes its long term future resides in mobile computing. The New York Times article quotes Google CEO Eric Schmidt as saying, “We can make more money on mobile than we do on the desktop, eventually.”

A first to market launch of could also help T-Mobile. They have been somewhat behind the wireless innovation curve, arriving late to both the 3G and smartphone parties. A successful Google phone launch, and the buzz it will create, could help T-Mobile’s competitive posturing with and Verizon’s continuing wireless gains. T-Mobile will have to leverage any potential Android buzz effectively, because they won’t have the limelight to themselves for long. Sprint is expected to follow with an Android launch sometime in 2009. Both T-Mobile and Sprint could use a boost from Android. Their competitors, AT&T and Verizon, seem to be hitting on all cylinders when it comes to wireless. Maybe Android can help them catch up.

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