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Spoke, a mobility platform for safety and connectivity, will use T-Mobile’s T IoT solution to aid bicyclists and motorists in sharing the road more safely. The IoT connectivity solution will support Spoke’s new hardware and software system, which delivers near real-time information to bicyclists and motorists.

Citing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures, T-Mobile said that 78% of bicycle accidents happen in urban areas where bicyclists ride near traffic. Spoke is attempting to cut those numbers by creating an ecosystem of IoT-connected sensors and cameras to give bicyclists and motorists timely alerts to be delivered over LTE and 5G. This will help cyclists “digitally” see cars, and motorists digitally see cyclists.

This has been a challenging prospect, T-Mobile said, because the number of bicycles on the road continues to grow and with the current telecom infrastructure, connecting vehicles to data requires time-consuming, complex enterprise negotiations with different network operators and IoT platforms.

T IoT delivers network connectivity spanning a range of technologies — including NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE, and 5G. According to T-Mobile, that means the offering is optimized to help deliver near real-time connectivity at scale, in 188 destinations worldwide.

“Spoke is exactly the kind of customer, innovation, and global application we had in mind when we launched T IoT earlier this year,” said Mishka Dehghan, T-Mobile Business Group senior vice president, strategy, product and solutions engineering, in prepared statement. “Spoke is looking to leverage IoT and 5G for global good, and with T IoT, they will have one team and solution to manage all their connections around the world — to help the most vulnerable on our roadways by connecting them to the mobility ecosystem around them.”

Earlier this year, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom joined forces to launch a solution designed to improve IoT connectivity, with the technology to be available across 188 destinations, on 383 networks

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