announced an , with 120 markets expected to be lit by late November. With 3G market additions in Sacramento, CA, Memphis, TN, and Tampa, FL, T-Mobile says it currently covers 92 markets. T-Mobile has some catching up to do, with their competitors having a significant 3G lead in markets and subscribers served. They have raised the stakes for themselves with the pending introduction of the . Poor 3G coverage could prove to be disastrous for T-Mobile if word gets around that the G1 experience is lacking a credible 3G feel. That could drive lucrative 3G customers into the willing hands of and its .

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One thought on “T-Mobile Ramping Up 3G for G1 Launch

  1. I’m not sure if anyone tracks this specifically, but it seems to me that T-Mobile is building out their 3G network at an incredible clip. Interesting to note how they’ve always talked about markets, not POPs covered.

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