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New York, New York — August 18, 2016 — T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is at it again. With its 12th iconic Un-carrier move, the renegade wireless company today smashed the biggest wireless barrier yet – the data plan. Declaring his company was going “ALL IN on Unlimited,” T-Mobile CEO and president John Legere surprised the wireless industry this morning with a video blog unveiling the move and redefining the very core of wireless service – the old, tired data plan.

“The era of the data plan is over,” said Legere. “After Un-carrier 12, the wireless industry will never be the same again.”

Legere unveiled T-Mobile ONE – a radical new take on how we access the mobile Internet. With unlimited everything – talk, text and high-speed smartphone data – T-Mobile ONE unleashes customers to just use their smartphones without ever worrying about data limits again. With this industry-shaking move, T-Mobile ONE upends the very idea of traditional wireless rate plans with a single, simple, 100% unlimited offer for smartphones … and even tablets. Even video is unlimited at standard definition, utilizing the company’s ground-breaking video delivery technology first introduced with Un-carrier X.

And, of course, it’s all on America’s fastest 4G LTE network. T-Mobile’s LTE network has been built for just this purpose – to unleash unlimited data. With newer technology, faster speeds and ever-expanding coverage that now reaches nearly every American, T-Mobile’s network is built for how people use smartphones today – and is the reason the Un-carrier can now eliminate the data plan. The carriers’ older, slower, more crowded networks just can’t offer unlimited data to everyone.

“Only T-Mobile’s network can handle something as huge as destroying data limits,” said Legere. “Dumb and Dumber can’t do this. They’ve been running away from unlimited data for years now, because they built their networks for phone calls, not for how people use smartphones today. I hope AT&T and Verizon try to follow us. In fact, I challenge them to try.”

Redefining How We Use the Mobile Internet
T-Mobile ONE is a radically simple subscription to the mobile Internet. One low price. Unlimited everything. That’s it. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Everyone gets unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited high-speed 4G LTE smartphone data on the fastest LTE network in America. Use all the high-speed data you want. No more guessing how much data you need or using too much or too little.

Pricing is radically simple too. A family of four can get T-Mobile ONE for just $40 per line—the best price for Unlimited LTE nationwide. The first line is $70 a month, the second is $50 a month, and additional lines are only $20 a month up to 8 lines with auto pay. And it’s just $5 more a month per line without auto pay. All include unlimited talk and text and unlimited 4G LTE smartphone data while on our blazing-fast network.

With Verizon right now, you can’t even get an unlimited LTE plan, and if you want their biggest LTE data plan, a family of four would pay $530 every single month. That’s $4,440 more a year for plan filled with limits than that same family would spend for T-Mobile ONE to be 100% unlimited.

Naturally, T-Mobile ONE also comes with T-Mobile’s industry-first Un-carrier benefits:

  • Simple Global: unlimited text and data roaming and low flat-rate calling in 140+ countries
  • Mobile Without Borders: use your service in Mexico and Canada like you’re at home
  • Carrier Freedom: we’ll help cover your cost of switching
  • Wi-Fi Unleashed: coverage beyond the reach of cellular
  • Stock Up: become a T-Mobile shareholder
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays: get thanked just for being a customer every week

With T-Mobile ONE, even video is unlimited at standard definition – typically DVD quality (480p) – so you can stream all you want from ANY video site out there. For customers who want higher definition video, T-Mobile ONE has you covered too with an HD add-on for $25 a month per line. And, T-Mobile ONE includes all the Mobile Hotspot data you want at 2G speeds.

As with T-Mobile Simple Choice, those using the most data, the highest 3% – currently people using more than 26 GB of high-speed data per month – may see their data traffic prioritized behind other users once they cross that threshold during their billing month. As a result, they may notice relatively slower speeds but only at specific times and places that may experience high network demand or congestion.

Of course, current T-Mobile customers keep the plans they have, or they can choose to sign up with T-Mobile ONE. It’s their call.

First and Only Unlimited LTE for Tablets
T-Mobile isn’t limiting Unlimited to just your smartphone.

You can also add your tablet to T-Mobile ONE for just $20 a tablet per month and get Unlimited LTE data on that device too. That’s the nation’s first and only unlimited LTE data offer for tablets!

An Unlimited Network
The Un-carrier’s nationwide LTE network was purpose-built for this – for unleashing unlimited data. It’s built on newer technology. It’s the nation’s fastest (just ask OpenSignal, Ookla or the FCC). And, it covers nearly every American. In the last few years, T-Mobile doubled LTE coverage to now reach more than 311 million people. That’s a full 99.7% of Verizon customers.

The fact is, T-Mobile has more cell sites per customer than any US wireless operator – and we have more spectrum per customer than AT&T and Verizon.

Already Un-carrier customers use massive amounts of wireless data. They stream 3x more music, watch 2x more video and use 50% more data than carrier customers – all without the network breaking a sweat. And that’s just one reason why T-Mobile customers are the most satisfied of any national wireless company.

T-Mobile ONE will unleash unlimited on September 6 at T-Mobile stores nationwide and for postpaid customers. Prepaid will be available later. For more information on Un-carrier 12 and T-Mobile ONE, visit

Other Information
T-Mobile One is expected to result in increased customer loyalty and was fully contemplated in the determination of the company’s guidance that was issued in conjunction with quarterly earnings on July 27, 2016.

Press Release

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