T-MobileT-Mobile aims to enhance the customer experience (CX) with a series of new moves, including a new Team of Experts deal. The ‘Un-carrier’ also announced a partnership with Live Nation involving tickets to music and other events. And a T-Mobile Pandora deal will enable the carrier to offer the Pandora music streaming service to customers at no charge.

Team of Experts is a system in which subscribers calls are handled by an interdisciplinary locally based team. The goal is to provide effective services far more quickly and without the hassle usually associated with calling a wireless carrier’s customer service department.

“‘Your call is important to us’ are the six emptiest words ever robo-spoken,” John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile said in a press release. “People are fed up with horrible customer service that puts cost control ahead of customer happiness. While other brands mechanize customer service, we’re going the other way – no bots, no bouncing, no BS. With Team of Experts, we’re tearing up the traditional playbook, killing the phone menu and putting people at the center of customer care, like they should be. Because at T-Mobile, our customers have always been rock stars to us.”

The company says that Team of Experts will eliminate robots and phone menus, schedule call backs at a time convenient for the subscriber and send calls to groups of people with well-rounded knowledge.

T-Mobile Pandora
The T-Mobile Pandora deal gives T-Mobile subscribers a free Pandora Plus streaming subscription. The service has no advertising and offers higher audio quality. The Live Nation arrangement includes benefits such as access to last minute reserve seats in sold out sections at concerts and discounted tickets.

“Our customers get treated like rock stars with Team of Experts, and we believe they ought to be treated like that everywhere they go,” Mike Sievert, President and COO at T-Mobile said in the press release announcing the music deals. “Music connects us, so we’re connecting our rock star customers with exclusive magenta extras at Live Nation events and with Pandora. Now, when they turn on their tunes or head to a show, they’ll get an elevated experience, just for being with T-Mobile. We’re always looking to thank our customers in bigger, bolder ways…this latest move is no exception – and we won’t stop!”

The theme of the announcements is that they give subscribers “rock star status.”

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