Today T-Mobile announced a new internet backup service that relies on the company’s fixed wireless Home Internet offering. The service, dubbed Home Internet Backup, will provide traditional internet service provider customers (those using cable and fiber) with a backup 5G internet connection in case their primary service goes down. It will be available beginning tomorrow.

The service is available for $30 a month or $20 a month (limited-time offer) for those with an eligible T-Mobile voice line via autopay. Service can be purchased through physical T-Mobile stores and online via chat.

The service includes 130 GB of 5G data per month, which T-Mobile said is enough to keep a typical household connected with Wi-Fi for up to seven days per month when their primary internet service goes down. It also includes a 5G gateway for no additional cost.

According to T-Mobile, setup is fast: a customer can be browsing in 15 minutes or less with the self-install process.

Summer storms and power outages often go hand-in-hand, disconnecting businesses and individuals from the internet. Almost 20% of U.S. internet users said their internet goes out at least a few times a month as a result of storms and other causes, according to data from CivicScience.

Charter Communications also offers an outage backup plan for its Spectrum Business customers.

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