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Washington, DC – August 27, 2015 – Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) announced today T-Mobile has joined CCA’s Data Services Hub (Hub) to help expand its relationships with competitive carriers across the United States.  T-Mobile joins over a dozen participating rural and regional carriers in a strategic partnership to expand data and voice roaming capabilities across each other’s regions. 

The Hub, powered by Transaction Network Services, Inc. (TNS), provides a technical and business framework for simplifying LTE and other next generation data connectivity and roaming needs among participating operators.  The Hub also enables competitive carriers to work cooperatively to expand and improve consumer access throughout the country.  In addition, the Hub provides a single point of international interconnection for LTE and next generation data services.  For smaller carriers, the Hub provides a platform to streamline roaming technology to help expand their networks to better compete with the largest two carriers.  With T-Mobile’s involvement, participating wireless providers will be better able to offer faster and more abundant services to their subscribers. 

The Hub also provides T-Mobile with an opportunity to expand roaming partnerships and extend its footprint with members whose network technologies had previously been incompatible.

“I am delighted that T-Mobile has committed to working alongside many of CCA’s other carrier members to ensure a pathway to robust nationwide 4G LTE coverage,” said Steven K. Berry, President & CEO of CCA. “The Data Services Hub is quickly becoming a phenomenal resource that provides invaluable benefits to every CCA member, especially those operating in rural and regional areas.  I am extremely pleased that T-Mobile has taken a leadership position in ensuring the future of a competitive mobile ecosystem, and its decision is proof-positive that the idea of a one-to-many connection will bring enormous benefits to all competitive carriers.”

“T-Mobile continues to aggressively expand the nation’s Fastest 4G LTE Network which already covers more than 290 million Americans” said Dirk Mosa, Senior Vice President for Corporate Development & Roaming at T-Mobile.  “The Data Services Hub enables better collaboration with smaller carriers which will ultimately help T-Mobile extend our voice and data roaming capabilities even further.”

Joe Lueckenhoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager of TNS’ Telecommunication Services Division, said, “Today’s announcement is great news for the telecommunications industry, as well as subscribers themselves. The addition of T-Mobile into our Hub will strengthen the coverage offered and help improve consumer access to rural and urban locations alike.  Interest in the Hub continues to grow and we expect to sign several new agreements with domestic and overseas carriers by the end of the year.”

Press Release


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