T-MobileT-Mobile can enhance its LTE coverage and capacity in the greater New York City area more quickly as the result of a new agreement with CBS Corporation that was announced today. WLNY-TV moved from its 600 MHz spectrum on portions of Long Island and the surrounding area that extends into Brooklyn and Queens to its new spectrum frequency earlier this month, much sooner than the August 2019 FCC deadline that the broadcaster faced. That gives T-Mobile access to that valued spectrum sooner.

T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum
The change was made possible by last year’s auction of 600 MHz spectrum. Broadcasters using 600 MHz spectrum, like WLNY-TV, had the option of moving to new frequencies in exchange for sharing the proceeds from an auction of the 600 MHz spectrum with the U.S. government.  Auction winners included wireless companies, like T-Mobile, that will use the 600 MHz spectrum for their own needs, providing for expanding wireless services.

We reported last month that T-Mobile had launched 600 MHz Extended Range LTE in more than 900 communities across 32 states, including 120 that were getting T-Mobile LTE coverage for the first time. T-Mobile Extended Range LTE provides signals that work better in-building and work over an extend range compared to mid-band LTE, according to the company.

“Partnering with WLNY allows us to clear spectrum and bring 600 MHz LTE to customers in New York City as quickly as possible,” said Neville Ray, T-Mobile chief technology officer, in a prepared statement today. “The T-Mobile team is deploying 600 MHz LTE across the country at record pace and we’re laying the foundation for 5G in NYC by deploying 600 MHz with 5G-ready gear.”

In the last year, T-Mobile announced several similar partnerships to assist stations in the move to new airwaves, part of its broader commitment to work with broadcasters to assist them in moving to new frequencies, freeing up the 600 MHz band.

T-Mobile said it plans to turn up 600 MHz LTE in this cleared spectrum in early 2019.

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