T;mobile Suitcase

T-Mobile has introduced a suitcase designed with high-tech travelers in mind. Un-carrier On is a magenta-color suitcase designed in collaboration with Samsara Luggage.

The T-Mobile suitcase features:

  • Wireless and USB-C charging, including a removable battery pack with USB-C charging to help ensure devices always are powered up.
  • “Tag Smart” tags follow belongings during trips.
  • A “Workstation on Wheels” that offers a flat top that can serve as a mobile desktop.

The Un-carrier On also provides eight compartments for traditional non-electronic items. It costs $325 and became available today for pre-order at TravelMagenta.com.

““I know there’s a lot to unpack here. Why is T-Mobile, a wireless provider, launching a suitcase? Well, we’re the Un-carrier—and travel is kind of our bag. So we made one. A bag. An actual bag,” said Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile in a press release.. “T-Mobile customers are already covered with the best travel benefits, keeping them connected in America’s skyways and around the world with Coverage Beyond. But in true Un-carrier fashion, we didn’t stop there. We made a smart suitcase to keep your belongings covered, too. Literally.”

T-Mobile took the opportunity to tout its Coverage Beyond plans that include free Wi-Fi during flights on participating airlines, 5GB of free high-speed data per month, free texting to more than 215 countries and “destinations” and other benefits.

T-Mobile Un-Carrier On Suitcase

In late September, T-Mobile added Secure Wi-Fi to its Coverage Beyond offerings. It provides T-Mobile for Business customers access to a virtual private network (VPN)-based mobile app to enhance security of the customer’s connection.

The app is based on a SmartVPN that works with other VPNs, local-area networks (LANs), and secure business apps. The app is aware when it is unnecessary, such as if a user is on the company VPN or an app that already is secured.

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