Tmobile@HomeApparently T-Mobile is no longer offering their $10/month home phone service. The @Home product was a ‘Vonage like’ VoIP service that gave customers home phone service via their broadband connection.

T-Mobile provided a Linksys adapter that connected to a customer’s broadband network and any home phone. The home phone service was offered to T-Mobile’s wireless subscribers for an additional $10/month.

T-Mobile also offers a Hotspot@Home service, which is their current version of a femtocell (although it’s officially UMA technology), allowing T-Mobile customers to route wireless calls over their home broadband connection.

@Home was seen as a move by T-Mobile to further encourage customers to cut the cord for home phone service and see T-Mobile as their exclusive provider of communications service. By subscribing to T-Mobile wireless, you could get your home phone service too, for only $10 per month. Maybe they decided the additional incentive is no longer needed. The latest data shows that 23% of all households are wireless only.

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2 thoughts on “T-Mobile Discontinues @Home Phone Service

  1. Important info, Have BBflip, still works fine w/ UMA even without the @home service, in fact, we d/c'd
    our data plan a few months ago once we found out that we could still do UMA without it, hence we
    have seamless roaming x2 BBflips for about 100 dollars a month, unlimited wifi minutes over voip and
    the minimum family plan for the pay for minutes, however, we also had a "land line" with the @home
    service, recently I had to turn off the power for a few days in the computer room doing some
    remodeling, when the power came back on the blue light indicator for the 3'd pure VOIP line (from the
    link sys router) dissapeared, have been fixing to contact tmobile to see what gives, now I know, I will
    miss the service but still get to use UMA which is very helpful.

    1. thye haven't stopped supporting existing customers, only are not offering it as a new service. Contact them, your router is screwed up.

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