T-mobile x Mint Mobile

T-Mobile US Inc. has completed its previously announced acquisition of Ka’ena Corporation. It includes direct-to-consumer prepaid wireless brand Mint Mobile, internationally focused brand Ultra Mobile, and wholesale wireless solutions provider.

Telecompetitor previously reported that T-Mobile would pay a maximum of $1.35 billion in a combination of 39% cash and 61% stock. The exact price was to be determined by Ka’ena’s performance during specified periods before and after the deal closed.

Mint founders David Glickman and Rizwan Kassim, together with their teams, are joining T-Mobile, where the brands will continue to operate autonomously. However, they are expected to be closely aligned to the broader T-Mobile brand and business, similar to T-Mobile’s acquisition of MetroPCS in 2013.

T-Mobile will soon be delivering upgraded perks for current and future Mint and Ultra customers. Mint Mobile will continue to have a $15/month plan available for new and existing customers. Additionally, Mint plans to continue its new customer offer of three months of unlimited premium wireless for $15 a month through the end of the year.

Mint and Ultra customers also soon will be able to see sketchy calls flagged as “scam likely” on their phone’s ID. Free roaming in Canada for Mint Mobile customers, and enhanced data as part of the roaming option for Mexico for Ultra customers will be offered in the coming weeks.

When the deal was first announced, the companies created a video featuring actor and part-owner of Mint Ryan Reynolds.

In the video, a comment from Reynolds hinted that the flippant marketing attitude shared by Mint and T-Mobile would continue. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert welcomed Mint to the T-Mobile family, to which Reynolds said, “I wouldn’t call it a family. A family is a place for misdirected hopes and dreams. This is much better.”

In the video, Reynolds also noted that T-Mobile and Mint Mobile are long-time partners and that Mint Mobile runs on the T-Mobile network.

In a prepared statement yesterday, Mike Katz, T-Mobile president of marketing, strategy and products, said “This combination is a win-win all around — a perfect pairing of highly complementary brands coming together on our industry-best 5G network to continue shaking things up for the benefit of customers.”

“We are excited to maintain the unique style and entrepreneurial spirit that make Mint and Ultra truly special, while also finding ways to supercharge their growth and leverage some of the secrets of that success into other areas of our business.”

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