T-MobileT-Mobile Binge On mobile streaming service is proving to be very popular with early-adopter smartphone users. Effectively all (99%) who opted in to Strategy Analytics’ AppOptix USA market research platform said they were satisfied with the quality of videos delivered.

With Binge On, T-Mobile is aiming to find a market ¨sweet spot¨ that balances mobile device users’ ever growing demand for mobile data and budget consciousness. That’s something just about every company involved in the market space would like to achieve.

Mobile video market revenues will rise to $25 billion by 2021, Strategy Analytics forecast in market research released in July. Advertising revenues will account for 2/3 of the total, according to the market research provider.

Binge On users agree to limits on mobile video streaming quality in return for unmetered access, Strategy Analytics explains in a press release.

T-Mobile Binge On
Strategy Analytics took advantage of AppOptix’s Big Data analytics platform and a telemetry app installed on users’ devices to produce ¨Binge On a Resounding Success with 99% Satisfaction¨ report, which measures smartphone owners’s awareness; interest and satisfaction with Binge On and similar competitive services.

Other key findings include:

  • 68% of customers of rival wireless networks indicated either strong or moderate interest in unmetered video streaming over the mobile network in exchange for streaming limited to DVD quality;
  • A significant 14% of users in the panel claimed to be either very interested or extremely interested in switching to T-Mobile to get zero-rated video, versus 32% indicating a moderate interest;
  • 20% of Binge On users claim to have upgraded their tariff in order to get zero-rated video.

“Many operators are rightly focused on building high quality networks to support the best video experiences for their customers. However, T-Mobile’s Binge On has proved that not only are users prepared to accept limited quality video streaming in exchange for unmetered use, but that satisfaction can also remain high,¨ Strategy Analytics Director of Wireless Media Strategies Nitesh Patel was quoted.

¨Given our findings it is not surprising T-Mobile is including limited streaming in its [offering].”

Added VP David Kerr: “The survey results prove that Binge On has been a success for T-Mobile, helping to raise its ARPU, increase mobile video usage and to give US smartphone owners another reason to consider switching to T-Mobile. Binge On has proved an important stage in the evolution from Simple Choice tariffs to T-Mobile One.”

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