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T-Mobile has extended the footprint of its fixed wireless access (FWA) 5G Home Internet service across 64 cities and towns in six states in the crowded Northeast. The expansion will provide access to 9 million additional households, including 3 million that the company says don’t have access to home broadband.

The T-Mobile Northeast expansion is in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. T-Mobile says that more than 40 million households – a third of which are in rural areas – now have access to 5G Home Internet across the United States.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet costs $50 a month with Autopay or $30 per month for families with the Magenta MAX phone plan.

The company says that 5G Home Internet:

  • Adds no taxes, monthly fees, equipment costs or annual contracts.
  • Is 100% wireless, which simplifies setups and eliminates the need for professional installation.
  • Comes with a Price Lock guarantee that will cover the cost of moving from another service provider up to $500 and “lock in their price.”

“Millions of people across this country still have little to no choice when it comes to home broadband,” T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Katz said in a press release. “That’s because traditional ISPs have continued to underserve customers year after year, even as reliance on connectivity grows. So today, we’re doubling down on our mission to bring connectivity to more people, expanding Home Internet in states across the Northeast. As we’ve seen quarter after quarter, people are desperate for a new option in home broadband. With 5G Home Internet, we’re delivering just that.”

In June, T-Mobile provided access to the 5G Home Internet service to 81 cities and towns across Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. The move increased the footprint in the five states by almost 5 million homes, the company says.

Three months earlier, T-Mobile made the service available to almost 3 million homes in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

T-Mobile reported adding 560K Home Internet subscribers in 2Q22 and as of the end of the quarter, counts 1.5 million fixed wireless subscribers (including post and prepaid).

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One thought on “T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Expands Across the Northeast

  1. Too bad that T-Mobile HINT is a shite-show right now. I had a premium launch, 2 X-boxes, 2 laptops, a tablet, 2 smart TVs, and 3 devices. Minimum 400 Mpbs, and video streaming at 1080+. Now? Lucky if I can get 480 on ONE smart tv….

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