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BELLEVUE, Wash — August 31, 2022 —Breaking up is was hard to do. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today added new innovative features to its flagship app to simplify the frustrating, friction-filled, time-consuming process of switching wireless companies. Now with Easy Switch, people can move over to the Un-carrier in as little as five minutes with their current unlocked eSIM-compatible smartphone, taking the process from an hours-long ordeal to a few simple steps that can be done from the comfort of their couch. And they can do so with confidence thanks to Network Pass, a new feature enabling consumers and businesses to experience unlimited data on T-Mobile’s award-winning network for FREE for three months. The Un-carrier is also helping those users compare their current network to T-Mobile’s with a customized Network Scorecard, all so they can be certain T-Mobile has them covered where they live, work and play. These new capabilities are available in the T-Mobile app for iOS today and are coming soon to Android.

“Switching is another insane artifact left over from a stupid, broken, arrogant industry … and it’s hard on purpose. As the industry juggernauts in the 3G and 4G era, Verizon and AT&T designed switching to be difficult, keeping their hordes of customers from leaving to protect their billions in revenues,” said Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile. “At the Un-carrier, we’re laser-focused on being the wireless provider you want to stay with, not the one you’re stuck with. Now through digital innovation we’re making it easier than ever to switch with no worry, less hassle and tons more value than ever before with T-Mobile.”

Easy Switch: Join T-Mobile in Minutes

T-Mobile Easy Switch is a simple new way to switch your phone or your entire family – up to five lines via the app – to T-Mobile without calling or making a trip to a store. No waiting in line. No sitting on hold. Easy Switch uses the latest technology to switch your current compatible phone and number to T-Mobile, and the whole process can be completed in as little as a few minutes.

Until now, switching wireless providers has been headache-inducing. Once you’ve waded through all the confusing info and made the decision to switch, you’ve got to wrangle everyone on your family plan together, burn most of a day in a wireless store, pay hundreds – maybe thousands – to pay off your phones, swap out devices, transfer data, and pray everything works as planned. It’s no wonder nearly two-thirds of people who start the switching process said in a T-Mobile survey that they gave up before finishing.

Today, that all changes.

With Easy Switch in the T-Mobile app, consumers with unlocked eSIM-capable phones can simply switch their phone and number – and their family – to T-Mobile in just a few clicks. Because most of the latest smartphones work great on any network and have eSIM technology, most people can keep their phone and number, save BIG (a family of four could save up to $900/year vs. Verizon and $650/year vs. AT&T) and get America’s leading 5G network in a matter of minutes. That’s right … you no longer need to choose between a great network and a great price. Not to mention more than $225 in added value EVERY MONTH – with 2 or more lines on Magenta Max – thanks to benefits like Netflix on Us, free in-flight Wi-Fi, international high-speed data and so much more. It really is that easy. And if you have a device that isn’t eSIM-capable, no problem. T-Mobile will send you a physical SIM card.

But protip: AT&T customers will have an extra hurdle because Big Blue keeps their phones locked even after they’re fully paid off. #lame. For that reason, T-Mobile has information in the app to help AT&T and Verizon customers unlock their devices and break free from their Carrier. And if you still owe on your smartphone, T-Mobile has you covered, offering to pay off your device up to $1,000 with its Keep & Switch offer!

Network Pass: Switch Worry-Free

Switchers are taking a huge leap of faith. They have no way of knowing if the network will really work for them. Sure, there are coverage maps, but only 6% of people said in a T-Mobile survey that they look at maps before switching. Instead, more than 75% of people say they want to EXPERIENCE the network before switching.

And now they can. With T-Mobile’s new Network Pass, people and businesses with unlocked eSIM-compatible phones can try T-Mobile’s award-winning network for FREE for up to THREE MONTHS with unlimited data, including 5G. They keep their phone, their number, their plan … and they don’t even need to share their credit card number. People and businesses can then switch with confidence, knowing that T-Mobile works for them.

Network Scorecard: Dare to Compare

The Un-carrier is also letting Network Pass users see how its network stacks up against their current provider with a customized report based on their zip code. And it’s available to any user, regardless of their phone! The Network Scorecard compares overall 5G core performance, 5G coverage availability, and average 5G download speeds. Users can also track their individual network experience, see how often they’re connected to T-Mobile’s network, and check speed tests on their phone in near real-time. And it’s all based on T-Mobile and third-party data measuring the experience of real people in all the places they use their smartphones, so you can make sure T-Mobile is the right network for you or your business BEFORE switching. #transparency

“Every wireless network has spots where the signal fades, but the difference between T-Mobile and everyone else is that we’ll actually let you experience the country’s leading 5G network BEFORE you switch. That’s how confident we are in T-Mobile’s network,” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “There’s a reason that experts in nearly 30 reports have given T-Mobile 5G top marks for speed and availability. The Un-carrier is THE leader in the 5G era, and we want people to see it for themselves!”

Easy Switch, Network Pass and Network Scorecard are available today in the T-Mobile app in the App Store and are coming soon to the app in the Google Play Store. Customers with unlocked, eSIM-compatible phones – which includes most new smartphones shipped in the last three years – get the best experience, but there’s something for everyone. You can learn more about eSIM technology and find out if your phone is compatible here. Business customers can learn more here.

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Press Release

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