ott netflixStreaming TV shows via Netflix is more popular than traditional ¨live¨ TV watching, at least among those who have been ¨exposed¨ to streaming via the Internet according to a new national Netflix popularity survey conducted by E-Poll Market Research. Survey respondents preferred streaming TV shows via Netflix as opposed to live TV viewing 2 to 1, according to a press release.

One-third of respondents (33%) ages 13-54 chose Netflix as their preferred source for watching TV shows, according to E-Poll’s ¨2016 Streaming Media Landscape.¨ Among demographic groups, Netflix was the first choice for 51% of Young Millennials (18-24), 39% of Teens (13-17) and 34% of Older Millennials (25-34).

Sixteen percent of all respondents chose watching a TV show on a TV set when it originally airs as their most preferred viewing method. The highest frequencies skewed toward older demographics: 22% for Gen X’ers (35-54) and 21% of Baby Boomers (50-54).

Netflix Popularity
Watching TV shows via DVR or TiVo ranked third, with 15% of all respondents choosing recordings as their most preferred option. Similar to live TV, the highest percentages skewed towards the two oldest demographics: 21% of Baby Boomers and 20% of Older Millennials.

Netflix was the most preferred choice among Baby Boomers for the first time, E-Poll points out, a reflection of the strength of the Netflix brand, as well as shifting viewing preferences. Live TV viewing was the most preferred choice among Baby Boomers a year ago.

The shift in TV show viewing preferences, specifically rising Netflix popularity and streaming in general, is due in large part to viewers’ interest in time shifting, binge watching and avoiding commercials, E-Poll added.

Seven in 10 (69%) of Netflix and Hulu subscribers said the absence, or limited number of commercials (in Hulu’s case) was one of the reasons they subscribed to either OTT video streaming service. Two-thirds (66%) chose the ability to watch at convenient times while nearly 6 in 10 chose price and perceived value.

Half (51%) said the ability to binge-watch was one of the reasons they subscribed. Binge watching is becoming a new norm, at least among Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and most Millennials. Nearly half of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers and the majority of Millennials said they binge watch TV programming weekly.

Deloitte highlighted the rising popularity of binge watching in its 10th annual ¨Digital Democracy Survey,¨ which was released in late March. Nearly 1/3 of survey respondents reported binge watching on a weekly basis, with 7 in 10 saying they watch an average of five episodes at a time.

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