tv_watchingThe anticipated demise of traditional TV broadcasting is greatly exaggerated according to TiVo, which in March sought to determine the most popular TV content sources by carrying out panel-based market research.

The ¨Big 4¨ television networks took the top four places when TiVo asked panel members to choose their ¨must have¨ sources of TV programming. Their list of choices spanned the 65 highest rated TV networks, as well as OTT streaming TV providers Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, TiVo highlights in a company blog post.

Most Popular TV Content
More than ¾ of the 11,426 survey participants said they couldn’t do without at least one of the Big Four broadcast networks, including ABC (77%), CBS (76%) NBC (75%) or Fox (57%). All were members of TiVo Advisors Panel, which in total spans some 30,000 TiVo customers. TiVo anonymously tracks their viewing activity second-by-second on an ongoing basis.

Netflix (49%) placed fifth, ahead of cable and premium pay-TV networks. The market leading OTT streaming video services provider recently announced it will expand its original programming significantly over the course of the year.

The world’s leading OTT streaming video services provider added a record-high 6.74 million net subscribers year-over-year in 1Q 2016, the company recently reported in a blog post. Management cited its growing portfolio of original programming as a contributor.

Rounding out the TiVo panel’s top 10 ¨must have¨ sources of most popular TV content, PBS rated sixth, HBO seventh, AMC eighth, FX ninth and USA tenth. Amazon Prime came in 16th place with 28% of TiVo panel members saying they couldn’t live without it. Hulu placed 46th at 8%.

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