uscapitolA new study found strong interest in citizen engagement technology on the part of government respondents.

Enhancing the capacity of citizen contact centers by making use of multi-modal cloud services applications and information systems is a focal point for many of the 129 U.S. government professionals surveyed. Verint subsidiary Contact Solutions commissioned the study – Citizen Engagement Modernization in the State Contact Center – in collaboration with the Governing Institute and Center for Digital Government.

Modernizing government contact centers can yield substantial performance improvements when it comes to improving citizen engagement, according to Contact. Doing so opens up opportunities for representatives’ communications with citizens at the front end of the process, but across back-office operations and administration departments and functions. That approach allows government departments and agencies to capture more and make better use of data to address citizens’ needs and streamline government operations, Contact Solutions says.

Interest in Citizen Engagement Technology
According to the survey, 71% of state respondents said their agencies had made citizen engagement a priority. Sixty-two percent said they believe the contact center plays the most important or an important role in realizing associated goals.

Gathering responses from those who work in health and human services, Contact Solutions found:

  • 31% responded that data sharing capabilities are the biggest management solution need
  • 20% said that digital help and information are the biggest citizen channel needs

“State modernization initiatives are vast and ongoing, but the challenge lies in determining which initiatives should be prioritized for citizen engagement,” Contact Solutions’ GM Michael Southworth was quoted.

¨In fact, when these governing institutions start to invest in modernization initiatives and technology, they can’t always assume that it’s fully optimized for citizen engagement or for staff process improvements.

¨There’s no one size fits all answer, but joining with the Governing Institute and Center for Digital Government, we focused on addressing these questions and identifying current perspectives and requirements as a first step in the discussion.”

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