apple mobile apps downloadsForty percent of respondents to a survey conducted by media server software company Wowza Media Systems said they have used a TV show’s second screen app. Nearly ¾ said that doing so makes them more likely to watch the show again.

These and other survey results show “the power of engagement with second screen content,” particularly since “these apps are relatively small in number,” Wowza asserts. Morover, Wowza said, the results are indicative of Americans’ changing TV viewing habits, with multi-tasking while watching TV in particular on the rise.

“Our survey illustrates the impact of second-screen viewing, and provides data that savvy advertisers and broadcasters can use to benefit from the phenomenon,” commented Wowza CEO and co-founder David Stubenvoll.

“For example 40% of our respondents said they have engaged with a TV show’s app, which represents a big opportunity for advertisers to reach an engaged audience in real time. This is an astounding number given the relatively few show-specific apps that are available.”

Other key takeaways from Wowza’s survey include:

  • 40% of respondents have engaged with a TV show’s second screen app.
  • 72% of those engaging with a show’s social media page or application report it encourages them to watch the show again.
  • The majority of respondents, 65%, report spending more than three hours with TV per day.
  • Engagement on social media sites was the most commonly reported activity among those using a second screen. 62% of respondents stated they used social media “sometimes” or “always” while viewing, with 36% of the total respondents reporting they “sometimes” or “always” read blog content about the show.
  • Usage of apps from networks is more common than show-specific apps, with 85% of second screen app users reporting they engaged with apps from such networks as MTV, PBS, NFL, CBS, ESPN, etc.
  • When asked what type of social media they utilize when watching TV, 82% of respondents said Facebook


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