gets a lot of attention from its industry leading IPTV and FTTH deployments. But it also passes approximately 75,000 homes with DSL. They announced a to increase the bandwidth capability of those copper fed homes. The bonded copper pair solution will allow SureWest to increase its 6 Mbps service to 10 Mbps and its 3 Mbps service to 6 Mbps. SureWest will offer the 10 Mbps service for $31.99/month and the 6 Mbps service for $27.99/month. “Bonded DSL allows us to provide faster Internet speeds deeper into our copper network, and now over 50 percent of potential DSL subscribers have access to 10 Mbps,” said Bill DeMuth, SureWest CTO, in a company statement. The move is illustrative of the telecom industry reality. FTTH gets all the hype and attention these days, but the majority of telecom broadband customers will be fed by DSL for some time to come.

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One thought on “SureWest Addresses DSL With Bonded Pairs

  1. Theyre doing something similar in the UK with ISP’s on the copper network having to bond adsl connections to compete with Virgins new 50mbps cable.

    On an interesting note uses our bonding hardware to bond connections from different ISP’s which is brilliant IMHO

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