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Super Bowl 5G speeds improved dramatically between Super Bowl LIV and SuperBowl LV, according to a new report from Global Wireless Solutions.

The average 5G throughputs on game day reached as high as 1,261 Mbps (A&T), more than three times the 337 Mbps speed for SuperBowl LIV. Other carriers were slower, but still improved from the previous year, with Verizon at 432 Mbps (compared to 200 Mbps for Super Bowl LIV) and T-Mobile at 388 Mbps (vs. 31 Mbps a year ago).

During the game, all three carriers exceeded 1 Gbps at times, though the average speeds (except for AT&T) were lower. AT&T’s highest speed was 1.71 Gbps; Verizon maxed out at 1.51 Gbps, while T-Mobile’s top speed was 1.09 Gbps. Verizon’s 924 Mbps was the fastest speed at the previous Super Bowl.

Other Global Wireless findings:

  • Blended 46/5G Throughputs: AT&T was again the fastest at 975 Mbps, while Verizon achieved 425 Mbps, and T-Mobile hit 385 Mbps.
  • Cell coverage: All but one of AT&T’s 67 cells had 5G, Verizon had 5G on 63 of 81 cells, while T-Mobile had 5G on 40 of 41 cells.

“Our network performance testing clearly showed that 5G’s capabilities have dramatically improved since last year’s Super Bowl,” said Paul Carter, Global Wireless Solutions CEO, in a prepared statement about the Super Bowl 5G speeds.

“This improved 5G service is a testament to the continued investments made by each operator. As they harden and upgrade the network infrastructure, 5G will offer more tangible benefits to consumers across the country.”

The findings of network performance at the most recent Super Bowl were far different from findings from another recent report, however, that said the average speed for 5G across the country is much slower — at 50 Mbps.

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