superbowl_50This year’s collection of the most engaging Super Bowl commercials, promotions and game excerpts didn’t rise to the level of previous contests in terms of ¨sizzle¨ factor, according to TiVo, which makes a specialty of analyzing the Super Bowl as a media event.

In contrast to previous years, no single genre or theme dominated Super Bowl 50, TiVo highlights in a press release. The game itself, as well as halftime’s live musical entertainment, surpassed any commercial in terms of viewer engagement, according to TiVo’s analysis.

Comparing viewer engagement spanning the last eight NFL championship games, Super Bowl 50’s halftime show – led by Coldplay with a feature appearance by Beyoncé – ranked third behind 2012’s, which featured Madonna with LMFAO, MIA, Nicki Minaj, and CeeLo, and last year’s performance by Katy Perry with Lenny Kravitz.

Super Bowl 50 Viewer Engagement
CBS increased the number of Super Bowl 50 ad spots to 31 as compared to NBC airing 26 last year, TiVo pointed out. The NFL tapped always popular ¨baby appeal¨ by presenting a ¨highly engaging¨ promotion that showed the number of babies born nine months after last year’s Super Bowl.

Following is TiVo’s Top 10 ranking of Super Bowl 50 commercials and promotions which subscribers can watch from their TiVo DVRs:

  1. Doritos – Ultrasound
  2. Mountain Dew – PuppyMonkeyBaby
  3. Taco Bell Quesalupa – Bigger Than Everything
  4. Buick Cascada – That Convertible’s a Buick
  5. Pepsi – The Joy of Dance
  6. Marmot – Fall in Love with the Outside
  7. – MovingOnUp
  8. Bud Light – Raise One to Right Now
  9. Skittles – The Portrait
  10. Toyota Prius – Prius 4

Comparing Super Bowl 50 to last year’s big game, TiVo found:

  • While brands such as Doritos and Budweiser clung to spots on the top 10 list, there was a notable omission from this tier of insurance companies, among other big-name brand categories which have run commercials in past years.
  • Six of the top ten spots contained celebrities, from Steven Tyler to George Takei.
  • 14 spots were related to tech products or companies.

Commenting on its analysis, TiVo SVP and GM Content & Media Sales Tara Maitra said: “Super Bowl 50 may not have been a nail-biter on the field, but the entire event is a bigger spectacle every year and fans around the world can’t seem to get enough. Ratings for the game and the price tag for 30-second ad spots may have risen as usual, but ads this year felt ‘safer’ and less edgy. Additionally, spots are created for splintered audiences on various social media platforms and for online promotion — diverting from the genres and traditions of past years.”

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