Regional cable MSO is leveraging an expansive fiber network throughout the state of Texas, looking way beyond just traditional cable services. Suddenlink has deployed a 957-mile dual fiber ring network throughout west Texas. It’s certainly not the first MSO to launch a regional fiber network, but it is a reminder of how cable MSOs are leveraging fiber networks to expand their business opportunities, and taking a page from their telecom competitors. Suddenlink is apparently having some enviable success. They claim to have met their five year sales goal within the first month of operations. The Suddenlink case study is outlined in this Screen Plays article.

Suddenlink’s motivation for the fiber network was to transport content for its operations, as well as the operations of other MSOs in the region. In addition, they hope to use these fiber assets to offer enterprise applications to businesses across the region wide network. The model looks strikingly similar to other regional fiber networks, including Texas’ own , or Missouri’s , or Oregon’s . “This major investment opens the doors to new and better services for our customers, and gives us the ability to introduce those services faster,” Dave Gilles, vice president of operations for Suddenlink’s West Region tells Screen Plays. Sound familiar?

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2 thoughts on “Suddenlink Takes Page From Statewide Fiber Network Model

  1. Here’s a link to many more state networks:

    What’s unique about Suddenlink is that they are an MSO. I wonder how many more smaller-type MSOs will try to work with state fiber networks, predominately ILEC (rural manytimes) owned.

    Competition may be preclude cooperative. Beside the broadband aspect, as LECs move into IP TV and as the state networks offer centralized video encoding/encryption services, the MSOs won’t be considered a friendly, unless the MSO has fiber properties in RBOC territory.

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