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In a study of subscribers who are enrolled in the  Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and/or Cox’s Connect2Compete (C2C) program, about half have home internet for the first time and 70% credit home Internet for finding a new or a better job.

The federal ACP program pays up to $30 a month toward the cost of broadband for eligible low-income households. Cox has a service that costs $30 a month, enabling ACP customers to get service essentially for free.

Cox’s Coonect2Compete is another offering for low-income customers that predates the ACP program.

“I was unable to afford internet service prior to this opportunity,” said a Cox subscriber quoted in the press release. “My daughter couldn’t to do her homework at home, and I was unable to take her to the public library.”

Another ACP customer said, “I absolutely love it. I am so happy to get a discount, it helps me tremendously because I am a widow and live on Social Security.”

ACP Study Findings

There are other pieces of good news from the survey, which included the views of more than 2,000 subscribers:

  • Half said they got a promotion or an increase in pay
  • Ninety percent said they are now doing homework at home
  • Half said they are now able to apply to college and apply for financial aid
  • Half said they have gotten certified in a specific skill or trade
  • One-third reported they are a first-generation college graduate in their family as a result of home internet
  • Ninety percent of parents or guardians say Cox internet access has had a positive impact on their children’s education
  • 93% of customers say that they are able to pay their bills on time more easily
  • 95% say it helps their family spend more time together.
  • Customers used words such as “grateful,” “relieved” and “blessed” to describe having internet for the first time

This wasn’t the first survey that found benefits from low-income broadband programs. Over 60% of Comcast Internet Essentials low-income broadband customers in a 2018 survey said that the service had helped them or a family member find a job and 93% said the program had a positive impact on their child’s grades.

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