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Ekinops (Euronext Paris – FR0011466069 – EKI), a leading supplier of optical transport systems and access network solutions, is delivering its 1651, a 10Gb/s Ethernet Access Device, to Stratus Networks, a leading provider of wholesale and private fiber network solutions, based in Peoria Heights, Illinois, USA, for wireless backhaul connectivity.

Stratus provides network services to other carriers and entities of all sizes, building a particularly strong business model with small businesses, government and education customers.  It has its own 10G/100G/200G capable fiber ring throughout the state of Illinois built using the Ekinops360 dynamic optical transport system, allowing it to reach any customer by extending its network from the nearest Point-of-Presence (PoP) to the customer facility.

Stratus is now also using the Ekinops OneOS6-based 1651 10G Ethernet Access Device (EAD) to provide wholesale, MEF-compliant, EPL (E-Access Ethernet Private Line) services to a third-party wireless network operator for mobile backhaul connectivity.  Stratus chose the 1651 EAD primarily because of its support for wire-speed service activation testing (SAT) at 10Gbps (gigabit per second).  Using IETF RFC-2544 and ITU-T Y.1564 testing standards, the 1651 acts as both the SAT generator & reflector, saving the cost of a second testing device while also speeding the SAT process. 

With this capability, Stratus now has the tool it needs to not only validate its service level agreements with real-time data, but also to show by how much it exceeded its contracted performance.

“We are extremely pleased by the operational efficiency that the 1651 remote SAT testing has provided.  Instead of rolling a truck to each site and using dedicated test equipment, we can use the built-in generator/reflector validate SLA on demand.  I anticipate future cost savings as we upgrade cellular backhaul to 10Gbps line-rate without deploying any additional equipment or field techs for manual SAT testing.,”said Ben Russell, Chief Technology Officer, Stratus networks. Another reason for selecting the 1651 was Ekinops’ ability to deliver within the required timeframe, the only vendor to make that commitment of those Stratus considered”

“The 1651 is ideal for what Stratus is doing,” says Kevin Antill, Ekinops’ group vice president of sales for North America. “10G is the new currency for these types of backhaul applications, especially with the far greater bandwidth 5G demands. The ability to test quickly and provide SLA reporting ensures Stratus customers that they have chosen the best partner.”  

Stratus becomes one of the first service providers in North America to operate a combined Ekinops network of Layer 2 Ethernet and Layer 1 WDM platforms. 

Press Release

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