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Denver – October 20, 2022 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Global leader in geospatial network construction technology, Render Networks, today announced STRATA Networks selected their purpose-built network construction platform to deliver Lehi City’s open access fiber network. Once completed, Lehi City will entirely own the network infrastructure and follow an open access model where participating ISPs can access the infrastructure and benefit from subscriber revenues, backed by a trusted network operator partner.

Headquartered in Utah, STRATA Networks is the largest independent telecommunications cooperative in the state with nearly 70 years of industry experience and three decades of experience in building and operating fiber networks.

STRATA Networks selected Render’s platform based on the proven deployment success with community FTTH network builds and the ability to streamline design and construction with automation, machine learning, and real-time progress visibility.

“Render is helping us to significantly reduce the time and effort required to build an open access network like Lehi City. This technology will enable us to manage multiple builds and multiple contractors with greater visibility, often far beyond our existing network boundaries,” said Dave Ryan, Chief Operations Officer at STRATA Networks.

“Furthermore, we chose Render because of its telco construction management capability and expertise including the ability to transform network designs into detailed work for our crews. We know this will have direct savings on the required FTE and labor over the lifetime of the project, an important consideration in today’s landscape.”

“The open access network that STRATA Networks is building is a progressive approach that will lend itself to many efficiencies in terms of delivering the best services to its communities,” said Sam Pratt, CEO at Render Networks. “At Render, our baseline is achieving the most efficient FTTH build with a commitment to industry-leading cost and schedule savings. Network providers like STRATA Networks are crucial to solving the digital divide and we are thrilled to play a role in delivering these heightened levels of productivity and savings to STRATA Networks and Lehi City.”

Press Release

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