fiberopticIowa Network Services (INS) and Indiana Fiber Network (IFN), two statewide fiber networks run by independent telco consortiums, have interconnected their networks via an Ethernet network-to-network interface at a Chicago point of presence operated by INDATEL, a nationwide consortium of state and regional fiber networks. The move illustrates new opportunities for rural telecom carriers and the statewide and regional fiber network operators – such as INS and IFN — to which they are connected.

As an IFN spokesperson explained in an email to Telecompetitor, IFN now will be able to provision a business or carrier customer’s service from an endpoint connected to the IFN network to an endpoint connected to the INS network as easily as if it was connecting endpoints on its own network.

“Customers will receive a single bill,” the spokesperson said. “There are a lot of billing options, either from IFN, INS or the carrier wholesale provider.”

When Statewide Fiber Networks Interconnect
IFN has seen growing demand for connectivity between its network and that of INS, the spokesperson said. “We are seeing businesses in agriculture, manufacturing, service providers, cloud service providers, wholesale carriers and traditional telecommunication providers, all looking for fiber connectivity.”

IFN’s ultimate goal is to be able to offer nationwide service.

“IFN is a carrier-neutral fiber provider that will interconnect with any other provider that has a Cermak meet point,” the IFN spokesperson said. The Cermak reference relates to the Chicago interconnection point where Indatel, IFN, INS and many other network operators are co-located. “IFN is interested in interconnecting with any facility based fiber providers that meet our service level agreements.”

IFN, INS and Indatel all seem to be gaining considerable new business, as they all have undertaken network upgrades or expansions in recent months. 

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