Starhome, a global roaming solutions provider for global mobile operators, now uses several Metaswitch Networks software solutions, allowing it to focus on its core roaming services business without spending extra time and effort developing and maintaining the underlying protocol layers and functions.

Starhome uses the Metaswitch Networks “DC-SIP” protocol product in its “Mobile2IP” solution, which enables seamless mobile communication on any IP device, and allows users to route incoming calls to their IP Soft Phone, GSM phone, or both, according to location and preferences.

Starhome also is using Metaswitch’s “DC-Diameter” protocol software in its “Roaming Control” solution, which provides users with pricing packages and notifications regarding their tariffs and usage in real time.

Starhome uses the DC-SIP protocol software in its “NG Service Broker Solution,” which combines Starhome’s “Intelligent Network” expertise and the 3GPP standards for IMS with a core network element that allows seamless service orchestration of any existing or future IN/CAP/SIP/IMS services.

Starhome further uses Metaswitch’s IMS protocol software architecture in various ongoing IMS research projects.

“Being able to use a common IMS protocol infrastructure across a broad range of products and across multiple platforms was a huge win for us,” says Shlomo Wolfman, Starhome’s COO. “Metaswitch’s IMS products are so widely deployed, and have such extensive interoperability exposure, that we could focus on maximizing our products’ roaming capabilities without worrying about connecting to other devices or services when we deployed.”

Starhome manages and maintains over 900 roaming solutions for over 178 mobile operators in 118 countries worldwide.

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