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Rock Wireless, a division of Standing Rock Telecom, was an FCC Mobility Fund Auction 901 award winner and is announcing they have successfully delivered a state-of-the-art broadband communications solution with a new 3G and 4G/LTE technically advanced network offering voice and enhanced fixed/mobile broadband experiences at higher data speeds. This is not only great news for their subscribers; it is excellent news for all, as this helps improve the coverage area to all traveling through ND and SD.

Before Rock Wireless began offering service in April 2010, wireless coverage across the reservation in ND and SD was very poor, leaving more than half of the residents without access to wireless service and those traveling through the area with no coverage. Rock Wireless’ successful build-out of numerous cell towers blankets the area with new and improved coverage. Rock Wireless worked with NewCore Wireless to design and deploy an LTE network that is currently serving over 75% of the previously unserved roads within this area. In addition to the LTE network, a new 3G network is being deployed, serving most of the remaining road miles in their service area, enhancing the customer experience in these rural areas.

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