matched its competitors and then some by unveiling a $100/month unlimited plan, branded which includes unlimited voice, data, text, e-mail, Web-surfing, TV, music, GPS navigation, Direct Connect and Group Connect services. Sprint has trumped their competitor’s unlimited plans by including data and messaging services in the $100/month unlimited plan. Some analysts are saying Sprint missed an opportunity by taking so long to match competitors and the unlimited momentum “ship may have already sailed.” The $100/month unlimited plan is not seen as a mass market plan, and only appeals to a limited segment. Sprint will have a hard time reaching through its first to market competitors and engaging that segment. Interestingly enough, Sprint was actually the first carrier to offer an unlimited plan at $120/month, but only in a few trial markets. Perhaps their delay was caused by some distraction. After all, they also announced a $29 billion dollar loss today, with another $30 billion dollar write down from the Nextel merger coming soon. They also predict losing over 1.2 million subscribers in the first quarter alone – just about the same amount they lost in all of 2007. Ouch!

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