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Global internet exchange operator DE-CIX hopes to connect data centers in smaller markets using a new approach that could benefit customers of the data center operator. A recent deal with Kansas City, Mo., data center operator NOCIX is an example of the kinds of partnerships DE-CIX hopes to establish with the data centers.

“Until now, all of our data center partners in the U.S. have been located within the boundaries of the city or metropolitan area where our internet exchanges are,” explained Ed d’Agostino, vice president of DE-CIX North America, in an email to Telecompetitor.

“This new partnership with NOCIX connects their data center in Kansas City, well outside of our traditional geographical scope, to both the New York and Dallas exchanges. The interconnection [with NOCIX] is direct and therefore at the lowest possible latency.”

Customers of the data center operator gain direct access to more than 280 networks in New York and 150 in Dallas, according to DE-CIX. They also gain low-latency remote access to other DE-CIX exchanges, including some located overseas.

This type of partnership, he said, “will enable outlying and regional data center operators to connect their customers to the heart of interconnection in the major hubs, gaining access to relevant networks as well as cloud service providers. This will help to close the connectivity gaps across the U.S.”

The “direct connection” that DE-CIX references is made using NOCIX’s own switch as a virtual DE-CIX switch and buying transport on an aggregate basis, d’Agostino explained.

“This dramatically lowers the costs and the challenges for their customers, compared to doing it on their own, making the data center far more appealing to those who are looking to connect to major exchanges,” he said.

He also noted that the switch in the NOCIX data center in Kansas City is used to connect to both DE-CIX New York and Dallas.

“Connectivity is provided by a carrier of their choice based on latency and other factors, and the DE-CIX platforms are accessed via a VLAN,” he said. “The interconnection of the NOCIX data center and the DE-CIX platform is implemented as a turnkey solution, making it extremely easy for NOCIX’s customers to access the DE-CIX platform with no additional hurdles or burden for the data center operator.”

Data center operators can choose to use their own branding for parts of the connectivity package, according to their needs, d’Agostino added.

In a prepared statement, Aaron Wendel of NOCIX noted an advantage of NOCIX’s Kansas City location.

“We feel we offer a unique value through the combination of a world class facility and diverse network partners, combined with our position in the geographical center of the country, making us 35 milliseconds or less from either coast,” he said.

NOCIX also interconnects with other regional players, such as SIX (Seattle) and MICE (Minneapolis), bringing the total number of internet exchanges to which the company connects to 14 across the U.S., according to a press release.

Another company focused on enhancing connectivity to the internet for data centers in smaller markets is CNIXP.

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