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Atlanta, GA – October 17, 2013 –  Skitter TV, in association with its affiliated company, Galva Cable Company, announced today that it has commercially launched another “SkitterTV” Internet protocol television (IPTV) system to serving the subscribers of Alhambra – Grantfork Telephone (AG Telephone) in Alhambra, Illinois.

SkitterTV is delivered over the fiber and copper phone lines of affiliated telcos, and brings a television viewing experience that is different than anything customers in those markets have seen before.  SkitterTV uses the latest in IPTV technology and offers viewers packages of off-air broadcast and cable television channels in both standard and high definition formats.  SkitterTV offers the most popular channels while keeping subscriber costs at a minimum.  The system also features multi-room digital video recording and on-screen caller ID.

“We remove the high capital and operational costs while providing the highest quality IPTV system. This allows us to offer rural telco subscribers the channels they really want in SD and HD at reasonable prices,” said Robert Saunders, CEO of Galva / SkitterTV.   He added that Galva Cable provides a complete end-to-end service on the Alhambra system, providing and installing the technology, securing the programming rights, marketing and helping ensure the ongoing success of the system.

Kevin Osterbur, General Manager of AG Telephone, said, “SkitterTV launched on our system a few weeks ago and is experiencing rapid acceptance in the market.  The economic model that SkitterTV offers gave AG the video service we needed without the high cost and headaches, while providing AG Telephone the ability to actually have positive cash flow with a video service.  Working with SkitterTV, we’re able to offer our subscribers a great triple play of voice, data and, now, video.”  Osterbur added, “Skitter’s prioritized variable bit-rate technology was another attractive feature. It is delivering HD video to far more of our subscribers than any other systems we’ve seen in the market.  The system is able to reach our entire subscriber base making the entire model very cost effective.”

The system at Alhambra-Grantfork is the third Galva Cable -SkitterTV system launched in the past year.  Mr. Saunders noted that the company has eight additional systems under construction that will launch in 2013.

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