Set Top Box SkinSkinning your cell phone or laptop with colors, designs, and sports teams decals has been around for a while. It’s a way to personalize your device – give it some character. But your set-top-box? Motorola seems to think there’s a market for it.

Motorola’s Home and Networks Mobility blog, mediaexperiences2go, says “custom decals with everything from artistic designs, to sports team logos, to Disney princesses” are now available for your Motorola FiOS set-top-box and corresponding remote for a cool $14.95. I guess they believe there’s no limit to a consumer’s desire to part with money for useless products.

The blog seems to suggest the practice is exclusive to FiOS set-top-boxes, but by my estimation, it appears the underlying service provider is irrelevant – several Motorola STBs are eligible, whether they are offered by Comcast or others.

Silly idea or smart move? You decide.

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