Shenandoah Telecommunications Company (Shentel), an Edinburg, Virginia based holding company of wireless, telecom, and cable properties, has agreed to buy Jet Broadband for $148 million. Jet Broadband is a rural cable MSO with operations in Virginia and West Virginia. The acquisition fits in nicely with Shentel’s footprint and strategy of acquiring cable, wireless, and broadband properties. They acquired Rapid Communications’ cable operations in 2008.

According to a Shentel press release, Jet Broadband’s “… operations pass approximately 114,000 homes and have approximately 66,500 Revenue Generating Units (RGUs).” Jet offers a triple play portfolio, although not throughout its entire footprint yet.

Shentel is a diversified holding company with cable, telco, and wireless operations. The majority (70%) of its 2009 $160 million revenue came from its wireless operation, which is the only remaining public Sprint PCS affiliate. As of 12/31/09, Shentel listed 223k wireless subscribers.  Its cable assets generated 10% of its 2009 revenue.

Among its wireline operations, Shentel had approximately 23k cable TV subscribers, 2k cable modem subscribers, 11k DSL subscribers, and 25k access lines. They also operate a single FTTH community outside of their ILEC territory. Jet Broadband’s 50k or so customers will significantly increase its wireline operations. The acquisition is subject to regulatory review, but is expected to close around mid-August 2010.

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4 thoughts on “Shentel to Buy Jet Broadband

  1. Fromwhat I hear, Shentel is a well-run company, and this can't mean anything but good things for JetBroadband customers, who are currently struggling with capacity issues, low speeds and rather low caps on their cable internet service.

    1. I agree. Jet was poorly run. I think this is the best move for their customers. Shentel doesn't have to do much to do better.

      1. went from 48 chs of analog to phone digital and hsd in a short time when you had nothing. what more do you people want, thats why no one wants to help you people cause all you want to do is cry. but from what I know shentel is a very good co. with lot more money

  2. I have been with jetbroadband for 2 years and have had about 2 weeks of down time on my cable internet service due to poorly maintained repeaters in my nieghborhood. If there was another company that I could have gotten internet with in Christiansburg Virginia I would have. I really hope that shentel can offer better service then jetbroadband.

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