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Calgary, AB, Canada – April 9, 2013 – Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) and Canadian operator Shaw Communications (TSX:SJR.B and NYSE:SJR)have achieved a ground-breaking milestone with the successful first field trial in North America of 400 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) data transmission over an existing optical link carrying live network traffic.

The trial ran over a 400 kilometre route between Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, using Shaw’s current high-capacity transport network, designed for speeds up to 100 Gbps. Using Alcatel-Lucent’s 400 Gbps technology, the trial demonstrated the ability of an existing optical network carrying up to 17.6 Terabits-per-second (Tbps) – equivalent to 266 million voice calls or the transmission of 88 Blu-ray Discs in a single second. This achievement shows the transmission of roughly double the previous level of data over an existing 100 Gbps coherent network.

Key Facts

  •  The 400 Gbps trial demonstrates the capability of Shaw’s current high-capacity network to carry double the amount of traffic, leading to potential new services, such as high-capacity data center connectivity, and more economical service delivery of streaming video, telepresence applications, and gaming.
  •  Shaw Communications is the first service provider in North America to trial 400 Gbps optical technology. This was developed by Bell Labs, the research organization within Alcatel-Lucent to address the capacity requirements that networks are experiencing with the emergence of new applications, services and smart devices that require high bandwidth and seamless connectivity.
  •  Alcatel-Lucent’s 1830 PSSwith the 400G Photonic Service Engine (PSE) successfully doubled the capacity of Shaw’s existing high-capacity network to 17.6 Tbps during the trial over a 400 kilometre route between Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.
  •  Technology enables Shaw to continue its leadership as a first adopter and reinforces its commitment to maintaining leading-edge high-speed Internet capability.
  •  The trial with Shaw Communications follows Alcatel-Lucent’s recent successful trial in France with France Telecom/Orange, connecting the cities of Paris and Lyon by a superfast, high-capacity 400G link.


Peter Bissonnette, President, Shaw Communications Inc. said: “With the growing appetite for services and the proliferation over many different devices, including tablets and connected devices, we were looking for next-generation technologies to help us build a world-leading infrastructure capable of keeping up with broadband demands. Alcatel-Lucent’s 400 Gbps technology enables us to continue our leadership within the telecommunications industry and reinforce our commitment to maintaining leading-edge high-speed Internet capability.”

Alex Giosa, President, Alcatel-Lucent Canada said:  “Shaw Communications is one of the first companies in the world to experience the capabilities of the 400G technology, enabling them to keep up with the increasing traffic demands being placed on their network. 400G will not only help operators like Shaw to handle larger levels of traffic faster, but the technologies higher efficiency will also help Shaw’s ongoing commitment to reducing energy consumption while also optimizing operating and network maintenance costs.”

Press Release

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