SezmiIn what is yet another attempt to converege Internet delivered content and the TV, Sezmi today announced it will launch an exclusive pilot of its “all-in-one personalized television service” in Los Angeles.

Combining local and cable TV network programming, on-demand movies, broadband Internet access and DVR features, Sezmi brings “new levels of personalization and simplicity to discovering and viewing a wide array of entertainment content that has never before been this seamlessly integrated with television,” according to the company. The service is delivered directly to the TV via a Sezmi branded receiver (for over-the-air [OTA] channels) and a broadband connected set-top-box, which includes a DVR. Content is received via OTA and broadband.

Fees associated with Sezmi range from an outright purchase of its equipment for $299 and subscription fees ranging from $5  to $25 a month, depending on which programming tier customers select. Sezmi hopes to build relationships with service providers for distribution, as well as offer it through retail.

Building up the hype, Sezmi will choose pilot viewers from a pool of potential candidates who fill out an application on the company’s website.  Those chosen will receive a free subscription to the television service, which, in addition to local and cable TV programming reportedly includes “thousands of on-demand television shows and movies” that they can buy or rent.

Targeted advertising and promotions based on viewer preferences, “sophisticated metrics” and e-commerce are three main ways Sezmi is looking to capitalize on the personalized, searchable, all-digital media experience to sell content providers of all stripes on the advantages of distributing content through their platform.

“Sezmi was built based on a deep understanding of how television viewers are evolving. We recognized that a completely new end-to-end offering was required to meet the needs of both consumers and content providers,” Phil Wiser, co-founder and president of Sezmi, said in the news release.

“Viewers do not want to be limited by the linear structure of typical services. Content providers, who have invested heavily in their content libraries, are not embracing the free online advertising model with its questionable economics as the best way to adapt to the digital age. Sezmi solves both of these problems in a way that revolutionizes television for both the industry and its customers.”

These types of over-the-top content via television set-top-box efforts are getting somewhat crowded. Sezmi joins ZillionTV and SkitterTV, among others. In related news, Sezmi also announced they’ve raised an additional $25 million in funding.

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