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Segra hopes to open up a new revenue stream from business customers with its Smart Wi-Fi platform, which the company says enhances Wi-Fi capabilities in public utilizations. The offering, which had been available on a limited basis, is now available throughout Segra’s service territory.

The company says that the product will improve the Wi-Fi experience for visitors to venues and businesses, which will maximize marketing results, reinforce brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Segra shared a success story from one of its first Smart Wi-Fi customers that used the offering during a soft launch — Greensboro Coliseum Complex.

“In the first three months of running the Segra Smart Wi-Fi solution, we added almost 25,000 new customers to our database, allowing us to reach event ticketholders with critical, time sensitive updates to their upcoming events,” said Scott Johnson, the deputy director of Greensboro Coliseum Complex, in a press release. “This year, we expect to add exponentially to our database to better promote our events and associated activities.”

Three packages are available:

  • Analyze Smart Wi-Fi provides businesses insights into their Wi-Fi performance.
  • Amplify Smart Wi-Fi enables businesses to earn revenue through digital advertising and sponsorships.
  • Engage Smart Wi-Fi gives businesses the power to gather customer insights and deliver targeted and timely messages to build lasting customer relationships.

Segra operates more than 30,000 route miles in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States. It serves 44 markets.

The company combines businesses formerly known as Spirit Communications and Lumos.

The ubiquity of Wi-Fi can make it into a potent tool to increase efficiency and generate revenue for business customers and for providers like Segra that serve them. Two other providers that see opportunity in offering advanced Wi-Fi capabilities to business customers:

Michigan Broadband Services is an ISP that in many cases is the only one available to people in its footprint. It has deployed a managed solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure customer care and to increase network quality.

Breezeline introduced WiFi Your Way, a premium managed Wi-Fi platform that it says expands coverage and enhanced reliability. It is aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses.

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